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Save The Ozone
What is the Importance of the Ozone Layer?
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Why are we so concerned about the Ozone Layer?

The Ozone Layer acts as a shield for us from very harmful UV rays. If we damage the Ozone Layer any more than we would put ourselves at an increasingly greater risk. Without the Ozone Layer we wouldn't be able to survive. Exposure to UV rays causes skin cancer, damages crops, and harms ocean life. Without the Ozone Layer the risk of these things would greatly increase. An example of this is in Australia, where a large amount of ozone has depleted. Around 97% of the citizens have or have had skin cancer problems due to the exposure to harmful UV rays that leak through the Ozone layer. Another risk is polar shifting, a complex event that occurs when uneven melting of ice shelfs occur. A major hole is now over Antarctica, where there are ice shelfs. If these Ice shelfs melt, it could increase coastal flooding and the poles could shift, causing a violent shift in climate.

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